Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Day Two - Newport News to Yorktown

So today is actually Day 5. It's easy to fall behind. Here's a back history.

End of night one I camped at the Newport News city park. Woke late and headed the 12 miles north to Yorktown.

Hadn't been there 2 minutes when a fellow cross country biker, Patrick Sloma pedaled up. In addition to informing me that the local Episcopal Church had a house that let bikers stay there for free, he was an exceedingly friendly and enthusiastic chap. I decided I should hang with this compatriot. I suggested we go down to the water for the customary pose dipping the rear wheel in the Atlantic. On the way he told me about this house that had cannonballs lodged into the brick. I had to see that ....

Cool huh? There was another cannonball a little higher up that was lodged even deeper in the side of the building. Brick...it's good for stopping cannonballs! Who knew?

Then we headed down the beach for our photo in the ocean. Ok, so it's not really the Atlantic Ocean. Thank you everyone who points this out. It's actually the York River, but who's counting. I'm claiming this is a coast to coast

Here is my famed dip.

The day was Saturday so the beach was hustling with people. Yorktown was cute so I decided not to hurry. Besides, I'm sort of Episcopalian. It'd be a shame not to take them up on their hospitality. Especially considering that this is where they put you up for the night.

The name of this house is Riverview.

I had a great lunch in a home builtin in 1720. Pine panelling with those little vents above the doors to let the heat from the fireplace circulate into the other rooms without sacrificing privacy. The place was called the Carrot Tree so I had to have the carrot cake. Mmmmm! I love good carrot cake.

That evening Patrick and I had a memorable last meal on the banks overlooking the York River. We were two strangers with a shared passion to pedal our bodies, minds and souls from one coast to the other. I had the crab sandwich with artichoke mayonaise by the way. Don't won't to get too soft here.

Great first full day.


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