Sunday, June 11, 2006

Some details on GEAR!

So thought I would share, quickly, a note about the gear required to undertake a trip like this.

I don't believe you could describe me as a bare bones kind of guy. I tend to collect and hold onto stuff. It's a bad habit.

That said, here is photograph of the items I had packed prior to leaving Birmingham. Missing from the photo are a tent and a sleeping bag, and some odds and ends which I picked up from REI before my trip began.

Justin’s Equipment List


Two short sleeved biking shirts (one Louis Girneau, one Sugois)

Two pairs of smart wool socks , one pair cotton

One pair of long pants (Carhart)

Three pairs of cycling shorts - Descente, Louis Girneau, Partner

One pair of quick dry shorts - Columbia

Two Farmland Conservation t-shirts (one green, one white)

One long sleeve shirt (North Face pullover)

One nice shirt for church (short sleeved black shirt?)

One bandana

Nylon rain jacket- Patagonia

Nylon rain pants - Patagonia

Hat – Upper Chattahoochee Riverkeeper

Camping Gear

Tent – REI half dome

Sleeping bag – 40 degree bag


Thermorest mattress

Leatherman WAVE

Cooking Gear

Three pot set with rubber handles in nylon bag

MSR stove and fuel bottle in nylon bag


Knife-fork-spoon set

Sharp knife – Stove bag

Bike Gear

Air pump - bike frame

Three water bottles - bike frame

Bike lock – bike frame

Handlebar bags

Lube – Red stuff sac

Extra spokes – attached to bike frame

Seat bag – bike frame

Extra Tube

Helmet Mirror



Screwdrivers (flat and Phillips on Leatherman)

Cone wrenches (one 15 mm wrench)

Allen wrench set (two – one with Toolmanator, one standard)

Pliers (attached to Leatherman tool)

Chain tool (Blackburn Toolmanator)

Tire "irons" (Blackburn Toolmanator)

Tire patch kit

Spoke tool (Blackburn Toolmanator)

Spare nuts, bolts, brake pieces

Personal Supplies

Toothbrush – Grey bag

Toothpaste – Grey bag

Floss – Delta bag

Q-tips – Delta bag

Chap stick – Delta bag

Suntan lotion – Nalgene pack

Liquid soap – grey bag

Razor with two backup blades – Delta bag

Shaving Cream – Delta bag

Toilet paper – BOB bag

Contact container and cleanser – grey bag

Glasses case – grey bag

Medicine bottle – grey bag

First Aid Kit – BOB bag


One Pen – handlebar bag

One Marker – handlebar bag

One Notepad – shorts pocket

Headlamp - black fleece bag

Wallet – handlebar bag

Checkbook – handlebar bag

Road maps and touring book – Red stuff sac

Don Quixote book – Red stuff sac

Extra nylon bags for organizing

Technical Equipment

Laptop (5.5 lbs)

Timbuk 2 laptop sleeve

Laptop charger – orange stuff sac

Solar panel – orange stuff sac

Battery Charger

Rechargable batteries – 8 AA

Cell Phone

AC charger for cell phone (and car charger for solar panel)

I-pod w/ earphones – Handlebar bags

Canon Powershot IS2 camera- small red stuff sac inside handlebar bag

USB camera cord

I am riding a Novara Randonee bicycle and pulling a BOB Yak trailer.

That's about it.

There is a lot to say about all this stuff, especially the solar panel rig. I actually have a DC battery that I'll be picking up in a couple of weeks to make this fully operational. I no doubt will shed and pick up items along the way. I'll find the balance in a couple of weeks.

By the way, about half of this gear was donated. I will return to this entry at some point and add the name of the donor for each item. In the meantime though check out the donations page of my website. Big thanks to my trip sponsors. Here they are:

Habersham Bicycles
The Hub
Cahaba Cycle

-- Justin

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