Sunday, August 27, 2006

Press Release - Bike Ride Strives to Reconnect Food, Farms and Families

Take a look at this draft press release that I will begin releasing for the remainder of my trip at each city over 1,000 persons. I'm open to your suggestions, corrections and ideas.


Bike Ride Strives to Reconnect Food, Farms and Families

Justin Ellis of Athens, Georgia didn’t grow up on a farm; only 1% of the U.S. population still does. But he does eat, and as a natural outworking of his interest in food, land conservation, and farming he has set out on a journey to discover where our food comes from and what our nation is doing to preserve America’s farms and farmlands.

The search will carry him over 5,000 miles, through ten states, to over eighty farms using only two wheels and two legs. Beginning in Yorktown, VA in mid June and ending in Astoria, OR sometime in October, the journey is being carried out by bicycle, from farm to farm between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

“A bicycle seemed like a better choice for travel if the goal was to feel connected to the landscape and the communities along the way. You can absorb so much from the sights, sounds and smells of a place, and I wanted to be closer to the people. I’m looking for connections to the people that farm, which I believe is equally as valuable as the farm itself or the food it produces. It’s the people that shape the farm and give it meaning.”

In addition to expanding his own understanding Ellis hopes the journey will serve as a catalyst towards hope and solutions in preserving America’s small farms and improving the way we eat.

“After living in a struggling agricultural community, I’ve seen first hand the tragedy befalling the family farm and its affects on the health of our rural communities. Coincident with this tragedy is the anxiety and confusion our urban populations have with what to feed themselves. We are realizing that a lot of the foods we’re eating just aren’t good for us, but lack the understanding to make better decisions.”

Ellis is using his experiences to connect farmers to other farmers, inform others about conventional and progressive farming practices, and give thanks and appreciation to those who farm. “A lot of farmers feel forgotten and unappreciated. If we expect to have healthy fresh foods in the future we must begin to re-elevate the farmer to a position of respect within our communities. This is just a small way for me to say thank you.”

The stories, experiences and expertise collected during the trip are being compiled on the website, For more information visit the website or call Justin Ellis (706) 499-2261.

project sponsored by

American Farmland Trust (pending)
Georgia Organics (pending)
Adventure Cycling (pending)
Canon (pending)
Earthfare (pending)

9/4/2006 1:00 PM Liz wrote:
Justin, We arekeeping upwith you on the blog. Praying for you daily. We're proud of you . Keep pedaling. I can,t believe you are in Colorado already.
Aunt Sister and Uncle

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