Sunday, August 20, 2006

T-shirt entry of the week

I've got two this week. This is the family edition.

First let me introduce you to my Aunt Lynn and Uncle Greg. If you've spent very much time with me you've probably heard me tell stories of going spelunking when I was a kid. The outdoor adventures that Lynn and Greg took me on during these formative years had a lasting impact on my passions, and my worldview. These two mean the world to me. I love you both....and thanks for buying some shirts.

Now this is a funny photo. I actually took this picture of my stepfather Wendell Owens when he and my mother came to visit me in Bardstown, KY. It was a great mini mid-trip vacation. We stayed at the Tavern Inn, which was a stagecoach stop during the late 1700's. We stayed in the Lincoln suite where Abraham Lincoln and his family stayed during his childhood after his father lost a land dispute leaving them homeless.

Even though Wendell is pictured here in the stockade, I can think of very few times he deserved such punishment. He is a truly good man.

Come on folks, send in pictures of this caliber. It helps me sell shirts. I need to offer some sort of big contest at the end of all this for the best pic. And if you haven't bought a shirt yet, what are you waiting for....I'm broke!

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vicki pense wrote:
Hey Justin,

You are in Christy's beginning of the year composition on "what happened this summer"!
Hey, I was looking at that shadow picture of yourself riding the bike and at the picture on the t-shirts and I tho't you ought to pose your shadow a little more like Don Quixote and hold a stick and all...... of course that is after you get your camera back.... Happy travels

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