Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Latest T-shirt Tale

I'm quite enjoying receiving the photos and stories of folks who've purchased a t-shirt. I'll try and do one at least once a week as long as you guys keep sending them.

Here's the latest from my good friend Glad Simmons.

"The attached photo shows me sporting my proud green T-shirt while I pose
with my new friend, Roomie.

My own personal summer adventure took me to Bulgaria to a little gypsy
community called Racoviza... I lived in the "gypsy quarter" for a week
where I intended to serve these people, but they quicky turned the
tables on me and treated me with such high regard and showed their
desire to meet my every physical need. What a lesson I learned from
the Roma people, the despised and rejected of their society. One of
my personal goals for this adventure was to "get outside my comfort zone"
and I think about this silly phrase when I read your travel blog. I
believe you'll find this "comfort zone" thing a key to personal
spiritual growth... blessings on you, my friend. I'm proud for you."


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