Saturday, July 8, 2006

Scenes from Eastern Kentucky

Lawn Art in a holler. Eastern Kentucky is beautifully adorned with rusty junk. Everytime I would climb into a holler and coast down the other side I would be intrigued by mountain living and Appalachian decor. It may not appeal to all, but I dig it.

Mountain top mining is everywhere in Eastern Kentucky. This is as close as I ever got to an active mine. The coal trucks didn't bear down on me too hard, but this sure isn't an industry that I felt any kinship with.

This is one of my favorite pictures so far. The blend of color, trivial remnants of the automobile, an old grocery sign, and white washed doors on a crooked barn. This shot was taken on Little Clear Creek Road just south of Berea on my way back from Susanna's Salamander Springs. It's Sunday morning.

Some of the best farmland I've seen yet was on Hwy 52 just east of Irvine. The road is called Red Lick Road. There are a lot of places called something or ruther Lick all over Kentucky which I learned is local slang for Creek. The bottomlands here run along the Kentucky River and incoming tributaries. It was one of my favorite days of riding and you can see why.

The next two shots are for comic relief. The town is Ravenna, just south of Irvine. I had a wonderful and inexpensive dinner at Michael's that evening. Ravenna was a town built by the railroad and it kind of looks like it.

This man's mom and dad really had a sense of humor when they named him. Good for him having the kahonas to run for anything with a name like that.

There is something magical about a farmer's market. I learned some new terms when I attended the one in Lexington which was another weekday market that put most weekend markets I've seen to shame.

Apparently you want to stay away from the "pen hookers." These are the folks that buy produce from wherever they can and make up a story to tell you about it. It's an expression borrowed from Try and support the producer / sellers at a farmer's market...close the loop.

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7/24/2006 7:54 AM Rebekah wrote:
Lovely photo journey. Makes me want to travel; see scenery and take pictures of unusual things. Glad you are getting to experience rituals and the way of life in the towns rather than just passing through. Thanks for sharing and bringing it to us.

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