Saturday, July 15, 2006

Looking for an old Verizon phone

I sent an e-mail out to many friends and family yesterday and I forgot to mention something that would be helpful to me.

One of my dillemas has been the phone I purchased to replace my lost phone only has a digital signal and alas, most of heartland America doesn't have digital I am either roaming or have no signal making it difficult to coordinate future farms as well as assuring my mother that I am alive and well....though she really hasn't been as worried as I was expecting (good for her).

That said.....I'm seeking an OLD verizon phone. The older the better (within reason) because it needs to have an analog signal. In order for it to work it has to have a Verizon sim card, be analog, and of course have either a wall or car charger (I can utilize either).

If you have one, let me know either here or at and I'll have you ship it to me in route.

One last thing. I now have XXL t-shirts. I need to change the website, but if you'd like this larger size, Just order an XL and send me an e-mail requesting the larger size and we'll get you the right thing.

Thanks for helping.


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