Wednesday, September 13, 2006

T-shirt entry of the Week

Georgia Organics recently asked me for a photograph of my t-shirt. The photo below is not the one that I sent to them.

In terms of the best t-shirt photo entry...this one is a contender folks! Not much longer to go...maybe 6 or 7 weeks so if you haven't gotten goofy with my t-shirt, express your creativity. It is good for you.

And this photo was obviously good for these three goof balls. In case their mothers can't recognize them from this position, these stunning models are (from left to right) Shannon Wilson, Elizabeth Gilbert-Lawson, Anna Erickson, and of course....the only one to enter this contest twice....Mitch Lawson.

Thanks guys. You always make me smile....and you make the Soque River Lover smile too aparently.

Can anyone guess whose idea this was?

So what does everybody think would be a good prize for this contest? Send me your suggestions. And thanks for spreading the word?

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